Sunday, February 12, 2017

Homefront: The Revolution Gameplay Walkthrough - The Voice of Freedom (DLC) - No Commentary (PC)

This is the latest DLC for the game. Actually, it is too short to be a DLC. It is only one mission where we play Benjamin Walker on a mission before the original game starts. And we see the face of Brady. ;)


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This Homefront: The Revolution gameplay walkthrough series include all the main missions of the story. I can do some optional missions and collect some collectibles that are on my way during the missions but I don’t try to complete the game 100%, apart from main story. In these Homefront: The Revolution walkthrough gameplay videos you will find all types of Homefront: The Revolution gameplay with no commentary.

Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world fps. You must lead the Resistance movement in Philadelphia of the occupied America. You will fight in a guerrilla warfare against a superior military force called KPA.

Homefront: The Revolution has a unique weapon customization system which increases the fun you get from the game. You have many options throughout the game and are free to move as you see fit. Homefront: The Revolution gives you lots of side missions in addition to the main one. You can also act with stealth or go lethal if you wish. Homefront: The Revolution is a good mixture of action and strategy. You must think well before act or it will be too late…

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