Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 18 - No Commentary (PC)

Wrench is in trouble with FBI and taken to interrogation. They want him give on Dedsec and tell everything about them. Marcus will rescue him for sure. But to do this he must reach FBI server farm. And he is not willing to leave Wrench’s mask to them. gbv.gl/wd-18

Watch Dogs 2 gameplay walkthrough part 18 includes Watch Dogs 2 gameplay from “Eye For An Eye” mission. Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough gameplay doesn’t include any commentary.


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Watch Dogs 2 gameplay walkthrough series include all main missions, cut scenes and ending of the story. I can do some optional missions and collect some collectibles that are on my way during the missions but I don’t try to complete the game 100%, apart from main story. In these Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough gameplay videos, you will find all types of Watch Dogs 2 gameplay with no commentary.

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Watch Dogs 2 is an open world action-adventure game with many stealth elements played from a third-person perspective. You play as a young hacker named Marcus and be part of the most notorious hacker group called DedSec. Watch Dogs 2 features an open world set in a fictionalized version of the San Francisco Bay Area which is twice as large as the Chicago setting from the first game Watch Dogs. As Marcus, you can hack and manipulate almost everything in game which provides you many different ways to complete each mission. You can go loud, go stealth or just hack your way to shut down ctOS 2.0 for good.

Watch Dogs 2 Official Website: Watchdogs.ubisoft.com
Watch Dogs 2 Steam Store Page: Store.steampowered.com/app/447040

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