Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quantum Break Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 - Perfect Hideout - No Commentary (PC)

Jack is looking for something that Will hid long time ago. He found a key but has no idea what to do with it. They learn that Will have bought “Bradbury Swimming Pool” long ago. They need to uncover the mystery and what the key is to do with it.

Quantum Break gameplay walkthrough part 7 includes Quantum Break gameplay from “Act 2: Perfect Place to Hide Something” and “Part 3: Bradbury Swimming Pool”. This Quantum Break walkthrough gameplay doesn’t include any commentary.


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This Quantum Break gameplay walkthrough series include all the main missions of the story. I can do some optional missions and collect some collectibles that are on my way during the missions but I don’t try to complete the game 100%, apart from main story. In these Quantum Break walkthrough gameplay videos, you will find all types of Quantum Break gameplay with no commentary.

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Quantum Break is a different entertainment experience from Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios. It is a combination of a video game and an in-game live-action show. Both features a stellar cast with a different and rich storytelling. Game has many dramatic twists that Remedy is famous for. Choices you made in-game not only will affect the game itself, it will also affect the way the live-action show unfolds. Also with addition of the fast-paced combat, it delivers a unique experience for players.

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