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Quantum Break Live-Action Show Junction 4/Episode 4 - Control/Surrender (Trusted Hatch) - No Commentary (PC)

Quantum Break Live-Action Show part 5 combines the live-action show movies with junction choices and how they affect the show. They are recorded with all quantum ripples activated. You can find the differences below.

Episode 4 differentiate according to the choice you made in junction 3. So there are 4 different movies for episode 4 with some differences. These movies are shown when you trust Hatch in junction 3.

Watch other video to see what happens when you trust Amaral.


Differences happening in episode 4 according to who you trust in junction 3.

Amaral: Lifeboat protocol is activated by Paul.
Hatch: Lifeboat protocol is automatically activated by Sofia with a failsafe switch.

Amaral: Sofia is guided to Paul kindly.
Hatch: Sofia is taken to Paul with force.

Amaral: Paul trusts Sofia.
Hatch: Paul blames Sofia for betraying him. He blames her for blowing up the lab and cooperating with Jack.

Amaral: Sofia lives.
Hatch: Sofia is killed by Paul. With control choice she is strangled to death. With surrender choice she is bludgeoned.

Differences between 2 choices of junction 4.

Control: Sofia is strangled to death by Paul.
Surrender: Sofia is bludgeoned to death by Paul.

Control: Paul gives an appreciative speech to the people on lifeboat.
Surrender: Paul gives a threatening speech to the people on lifeboat.

Control: Liam and Emily meets Paul.
Surrender: Liam and Emily meets Charlie.

Control: Emily goes to lifeboat with Paul and Liam goes to protect C.F.R.
Surrender: Liam, Charlie and Emily go to C.F.R.

Control: Paul talks to personnel on lifeboat face to face.
Surrender: Paul talks to personnel on lifeboat only from screens.

Control: Liam tries to protect C.F.R. and Charlie tries to help Jack.
Surrender: Liam and Charlie try to help Jack.

Control: Hatch kills Charlie.
Surrender: Hatch kills Liam.

Control: Hatch is killed by Liam.
Surrender: Hatch is killed by Emily.

Control: Liam stays to protect C.F.R. and is killed by Jack in gameplay (Though it is not clear is he is dead or simply frozen in time because his suite is broken.).
Surrender: Charlie stays to help Jack and sends Emily to lifeboat and he survives.


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Quantum Break is a different entertainment experience from Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios. It is a combination of a video game and an in-game live-action show. Both features a stellar cast with a different and rich storytelling. Game has many dramatic twists that Remedy is famous for. Choices you made in-game not only will affect the game itself, it will also affect the way the live-action show unfolds. Also with addition of the fast-paced combat, it delivers a unique experience for players.

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